TPMS Information

CUB Universal TPMS



Providing a Programmable - Universal - Replacement (PUR) solution with 2 SKUs of Sensor(Uni-Sensor) plus 1 Programming Tool(Sensor-Aid)

CUB new Gen. 3 TPMS system which covers both 315MHz & 433MHz sensors and this

powerful revolutionary system will drastically reduce your TPMS inventory cost.

Instead of keeping hundreds of OE part number sensors in your inventory, you

can now replace TPMS for most cars in the USA, Canada, European market by only

2 sensor SKUs. Each sensor replaces more than hundreds of OE sensors.






















Scan sensor status
       Sensor-Aid tool scans the status of OE sensor as most TPMS tools in current market.                      
Copy or key-in sensor ID

       Sensor-Aid tool can copy or key-in the ID from the OE sensor into Uni-Sensor for a completed duplication, meaning you do not

        have to do any resetting or re-learning process.

Programmable sensor
        As an universal sensor, Uni-Sensor can be programmed to more than hundreds of car models by Sensor-Aid tool.   
Vehicle list update from Internet
       Updating of our coverage for new vehicles or new formats can be done through our website. We periodically renew our on-line

      data so that you will always be equipped with up-to-date vehicle coverage, not only bring you more business but at the same 

       time growing your returns in this investment.


       If you are interested in CUB products, please kindly contact at for any question or to make a demo.

       appointment. If you have bought our TMPS products, please download the software for Tool update (TPMS Tool Update Guide)