Characteristic of Our Name
To show the characteristics performed by our product, the laminator, to preserve colors of photos and protect documents and papers as well earn consumers trust for use, we have invented our brand name “BABY” for our products in a meaning to protect your favorite and precious photos to their best effect and preserve the most wonderful moment and memory in your life.
Ideal of Design/
Butterfly gives an impression of radiant and splendid colors. With such a beautiful concept, it is integrated into the letter style of the brand name "BABY", thus having implied that our “BABY” laminator will embrace your most wonderful memory and have them kept in splendid beauty.
Denotation of Colors/
Orange signifies striving upward actively that represent satisfaction, trust and earnestness, activeness.
Yellow in radiance represents the constant bright colors of the laminator.
Blue symbolizes stability and high reliance.